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Relocation Services

Moving is stressful, but we're here to alleviate all of the unnecessary stress and ensure a smooth relocation.  Our team coordinates every step of the process from non stop communication with vendors, packing and unpacking services, moving day management, car transportation and MORE. With More Lifestyle Management by your side, you can kick back and enjoy the comforts of your new home.

Walk Through

• Go through each room and every part of

   the house, making notes of items that are

   going to be donated or thrown away
• Coordinate closing day and moving day

   with moving company and realtor; securing     dates we need 

• Constant communication with the client and     vendors regarding schedule
• Schedule handyman to remove TVs , patch

  walls, etc.

• Schedule cleaners for after move out
• Schedule junk removal company

• Schedule donation pick up
• Schedule car transport service if shipping

• Start process of forwarding mail and

  disconnecting services if necessary (tv,

  internet, cable, security systems)
• Follow up with every vendor that we have
   scheduled from beginning to end

Before the Move

Label Boxes

• Packers will number boxes for inventory.
  We label and write which room it is currently
in and which room it will be going to in the new
  house; also labeling them with descriptive

Watch the packers and correct them if
  necessary to make sure items are being packed
• Make note of items that are already     
  damaged before move

• Pack personal or specific items if the client

Time Spent at The House
We will be there for pre move out
We will be there there for packing and moving

We will be there for car pick up (assessing
  condition pri
or to shipping)
We will be there for final walk through

Moving Day

Time During Move Out and Move In 

• If items are being stored before move in day,
   we handle and manage all logistics
• Communicate with the driver who is
   delivering items
• Communicate with car transport company
   to get updates and timeline of drop off

• Schedule vendors for move in
• Schedule car drop off
• Schedule service providers (internet, cable
   security system , water, electricity)

• Schedule handyman for tv installs, etc.
• Schedule any other vendors if needed
  (renovations, painting, landscapers)
• Managing all invoices throughout move

During the Transition

Time At The New House

• Make sure movers are properly protecting the
  home for move in (padding on railings,
  protective film etc)

• Go over box/ inventory checklist and telling
  movers where each box goes
• Direct move/movers
• Take pictures and document items that have
  been damaged during the move
• Overseeing all vendors during the time of work
  and making sure everything is completed

• Unpack and organize. We making sure
  everything is in its proper place

• Manage and accept car drop off; checking for
  damage and handling payment

Move In Day

• Fill out claim with moving company for any
  damaged or broken items
• Hire Handyman to install TV’s and items in
  new house
• Make a list of household items to purchase.
• Shop and organize
• Schedule pick up for trash, junk and donations
• Save and store boxes if requested
• Pay/manage invoices
• Follow up with any unfinished projects;     
   manage until complete

After the Move

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