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Professional Athletes and Their Support Teams

The decision to focus on personal assistant services for professional athletes stemmed from a combination of personal passion and strategic business considerations.  I've always been deeply passionate about sports, and I understand the unique challenges that athletes face in managing their busy lives both on and off the field.

Being an avid sports enthusiast, I've always admired the dedication and hard work that athletes put into their craft. As I delved deeper into understanding the sports industry, it became apparent that there was a gap in the market for personalized assistance that caters specifically to the needs of professional athletes. I wanted to create a service that not only acknowledges, but also addresses the distinctive lifestyle and demands these athletes contend with.


My team and I aim to continually evolve our offerings to enhance efficiency and deliver a seamless experience for our clients. Ultimately, we want to be a trusted partner in supporting athletes and their supporting teams in their professional and personal pursuits, allowing them to focus on their continues training and home/personal life.

-Jen Boyle, Owner

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